Clinical Specialty

I specialize in working with two different patient populations:

Young adults (18+):  I have extensive experience working with young and "emerging" adults (of all genders) through my work at university-based health clinics, including Tulane University, Cornell University, Washington College of Law, Drexel University, and the University of California at Santa Cruz.  I help young adults navigate the challenges unique to their developmental stage (e.g., psychological separation from parents, career path questioning, identity-related questioning), develop healthy coping mechanisms, increase self-confidence, and alleviate distressing clinical symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression, etc.).

Women in midlife:  I greatly enjoy and have significant experience helping women during midlife address symptoms of depression and anxiety, navigate relational difficulties, deepen their self-awareness, and achieve greater balance in their lives.  With this population, I often address symptoms related to the "midlife transition" - a developmental stage whose significance is typically disregarded in this youth-oriented culture.  The midlife transition is often accompanied by shifts in identity, a search for deeper meaning, grief and loss, decreased vitality and desire, an irritable sense of "itchiness," and existential malaise.  It can be helpful to have a therapeutic space in which to process this transition in order to enter the second half of life as consciously, and indeed as well, as possible.  Here is a blog post I wrote on this topic: